We take your Mental Health & Wellness seriously at Spotify!


Everyone experiences stress, anxiety, feeling low, relationship problems or many other psychological or behavioural problems at some point in their lives…

…However, most people never seek help from a professional even though this could really improve their problems and lead to a happier life and better functioning.

Blocks to seeking help

1. Cost of seeing a psychologist/not having insurance cover

2. Not knowing where to go

3. Being too busy at work

4. Concerns about confidentiality

Through Heart & Soul @ Spotify we want to remove these blocks and offer you easily accessed expert support!

Here is how:

We have invited Dr Gregor Lim-Lange to be our virtual psychologist-in-residence on May 8. You may remember him from our offsite in 2019! He has more than 20 years of experience supporting adults with various difficulties. (you can find out a little more about him & what people seek help for here:

What’s on offer:

Dr Greg will be offering 9 x 40-minute completely confidential and free sessions to any Spotify staff interested in exploring what it would be like to speak to a professional.

You don’t have to have a major issue to make an appointment, you can also use the session as an ‘ask-Dr Greg-anything’ relating to mental health, your relationships, your children / family or anything that may be on your mind.

How to book a session:

Sessions can be booked on a first-come-first basis by clicking on the appointment times below. Sign up today to make sure you get a slot.

It totally confidential!– Dr Greg will not share names of who attends or any information discussed with anyone at Spotify. So you can feel confident and safe to speak about what’s on your mind.

This is great! How do I sign up?

If you are unable to get a slot or you have a question you can also email Dr Greg – He is happy to explain how you can access free counselling through your Spotify health insurance.



Drop us a line!